Belmore Foot Clinic provides a range of orthoses depending on the needs of the individual patient.

1. A semi-customised device, which is pre-made but can be customized to the patient’s individual requirements. These appliances can be used for children / young adults who are still growing or as a temporary measure to assess a patients suitability for orthotic therapy.

2. A fully customised foot orthosis can be prescribed and are manufactured using advanced computerised engineering processes. These devices can be ultra thin and are manufactured using a range of materials. Although a more expensive option they are durable and maintain their corrective effect. A customised device will have a life time guarantee to shell breakage. A choice of top cover is available if required of the orthoses which can require renewal every couple of years at a small extra cost.

With an increased emphasis on active participation in exercise and sport, it has never been more important to ensure the wearing of correct footwear. Belmore foot Clinic can advise you with regard to choice of footwear suitable for your foot type, sport and lifestyle.